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Saturday, June 08, 2013


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Paul Anater

Good one Kelly. Height discrepancies between new floors and old floors are easy to overlook but can be real killers if they're only caught when the new appliances show up. Slide-in ranges present similar problems. Congrats on your longevity by the way.

Kelly M

Oh, yes. Slide-in ranges. Refrigerators that are already tight to the wall cabinet above them. All of the above.

I'm not sure if the congratulations should be because of longevity (is that 27 in dog years?) or gabbiness, but it's all gratefully accepted... ;)

Adrienne Palmer

That got me thinking about my brother & soon to be sister-in-law's recent town home purchase -- the previous owner remodeled the kitchen via the home-depot-my-boyfriend-installed-it route (seriously!), leaving them with appliances walled in by horrible marble tile that was glued directly to the concrete subfloor with some kind of mastic glue! Since the appliances & cabinets were installed onto the concrete and then the flooring was installed, butted up to all the appliances, if they ever need to replace the dishwasher they will need to jackhammer all the marble out.

Thankfully my sister in law is marrying into a family of kitchen designers! Susan has already planned the new kitchen for them :)

Adrienne Palmer

Kelly M

Yes, those of us in the trade unfortunately see that more than we want to. Thanks for sharing it.

(Er, the stuck dishwasher part, I mean, not the "Welcome to the family--have a kitchen!" Care to adopt?)


Adrienne Palmer

hahaha! I should clarify ... "planning" not "paying" ;)

kitchen closet

nice tips for remodeling tnx for sharing this kelly!

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