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Sunday, March 10, 2013



Nay, nay, nay! Be discrete and I will pay a higher price. Put your logo at eye level and I will avoid your product with a vengeance. Sorry, just a little opinionated this afternoon.


I hate displaying brands, whether Kmart or Hermes or any other. It feels invasive, as if I've been given the job of advertising for the manufacturer against my will.

Love getting your Sunday evening messages!

Helen Gray @AndTheGarden

Agree with Carol - this applies to my choice of handbag, sunglasses, clothing as well as appliances.


If a brand has an easily-identified look, for example Aga or Lacanche, then they don't need to slap their name writ large all over the appliance. If, however, like Wolf and some of the others, they're more generic-looking, then I can see why they want their name displayed prominently, to impress magazine-browsers and the like. It's like free embedded (semi-subconscious) advertising.

The clever ones, imo, are those who have a simple but iconic feature - no need for any text, and the image does the trick, such as the blue star on a Bluestar range.

Logos are such a big part of branding in other industries - think crocodiles and polo players - I don't blame appliance manufacturers for trying to get their name seen, I just don't like being a vehicle for their marketing, that's all! I actually find it off-putting enough that I won't even consider purchasing Wolf or Viking appliances.

Mark McGrail

What about the kitchens themselves? Many of the high-end manufacturers have their company name or logo engraved onto the handles and knobs they use? Smallbone of Devises for example. I think this looks very smart.

Joe Freenor

On the one hand I really hate it. On the other hand I don't really care all that much. What I most want for our new kitchen is excellent appliances at a reasonable price. I want them to work well, work for a very long time, and not require a second mortgage to pay for them. Give me that, I say, and they can make their logos as big as they like!

Brian @ Kitchen Remodeling

I always say that if they aren't paying me to advertise on my stuff, don't put your brand on it. Same with fence companies and auto dealerships. If you aren't paying me regularly to have a sign on my fence or a license plate frame on my car. Don't put it on there. Appliances come with and without the brand in your face. Some people don't notice at all but the people that do, don't buy the branded big ticket items for that reason alone sometimes.


Absolutely not, I consider it in very poor taste and go to considerable lengths to avoid displaying brand names and/or logos in all products. It's not easy though.

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