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Monday, March 04, 2013



I've fallen in love with Virginia Mist and Glacier White granites (the latter of which might actually be a quartzite, depending on who I ask and the name the stone yard assigns to it) because they remind me of soapstone and marble. So that puts in the "going gray" column but I know that if I end up using them in my kitchen, I'll choose backsplash tiles, wall paint and other accents in a warm blue-gray. We have enough dreary gray days during PNW winters (happy Monday, today is not one of them) to go with a cool gray on the inside.

I kind of address two of the other issues in the above comment. I still prefer granite over quartz. And I lean traditional but not completely so. No fussy, overly ornate details for me. I guess you could say that my preference is for transitional with heavy traditional overtones.

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