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Wednesday, April 29, 2009



Funny. I was thinking to write a post about how everyone always talks about form v. function, and no one ever talks about "feel." Now I can just create a link to your post instead! :)

Chris Ely

Finally - how wonderful to hear your comments. When our clients tell us "It feels so good I don't want to leave" - that's the finished product and everything else we do is how we get them there.

One other note. Those clients who say they are all over the map in their tastes and can't tell us what they like until they see it - they are all very consistent in "why" they like the things they do and you can see it across the board from art, eyewear, cars, fabrics and apparrel.

Lisa Albert

Well said! The design process can be so overwhelming. I didn't realize I had given clues about my preferences to our designer until she pointed out that I had said I "loved" one counter choice and "could live with" the other.

I love that saying! If I had enough blank wall space in my kitchen, I'd paint it without hesitating. Good for her for listening to your encouragement.

Paul Anater

Good point about clients thinking they don't know what they like. I always tell people that my job is actually to help them get out of their own way.

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