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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Canvas Printing

Having a hidden library would be so cool. That copper tub is so stylish, and the chair beside it is a nice complement.

Custom Venetian blinds made to order


One of the most interesting panels at this year's Readercon was an exploration of the steampunk design movement, as it emerged into the mainstream with May's New York Times Style article.

Cheap Computers

WOW what a creative stuff really does i wish i could do this once in my lifetime......


Found your blog via a google search, and I just thought I'd say hello! Great site you have going. :)

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This is an amazing property, very very good designed.

Deirdre G

Logo Design

This is really wonderful, i like it.

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I'm daydreaming and I see myself living in this beautiful home design.

Deirdre G

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