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Sunday, February 08, 2009


Paul Anater

Hmmmm, I never thought about the added resistance when someone goes to open the drawer. I'll definitely keep that in mind in the future. But aside from working with a client who would have trouble opening one of these drawers, I treat Blumotion as a standard --I use them in all of my projects unless someone objects. I've never had someone object to them, so all of my projects have them. Am I alone in that?


I made cabinets with Futaba auto closing drawer hardware and they work OK, but the auto closing mechanism is really sensitive to slide alignment. They certainly take more force to open, and this would be a big deal to someone that can barely make it around. They are not a big deal for someone that is healthy.

I can vouch for the Blum slides. A buddy of mine has those and they are smooth and worry free. Mine are just OK. I would go Blum if I had it to do over again.

Account Deleted

I've noticed that some clients seem reluctant to just let the self-closer do it's thing. At first they try to close the drawer gently and meet resistance at the end from the soft close piston. Maybe they need a sign that says "go ahead and slam me!"


In some cases, I can see where the slam-resistence might be nice. But, like a lot of things, they don't seem at all necessary. If you really need someone to go quieter on the drawers, glue some felt where the drawerfront meets the frame. It works on cabinets, too. You can get them self-adhesive, e.g. for scratch-prevention on chair feet and for lamps on fancy tabletops.

Otoh, they're really neat to push in and walk away and not have to think again about whether or not the drawer slid all the way shut because it has shut itself.

I just think the more gadgety the thing, the higher the risk that something could go wrong with it and I won't be able to easily fix it. ;)

Kelly M

Paul, I would have never thought of it either. I'm healthy (relatively.) Just cropped up as yet another thing to think about.

Eric, thank you. Always good to have back-up. *grin*

Richard, welcome fellow designer; I'll add you to the blogroll! Yup, I love demonstrating them in the showroom. "Look!" *attempted slam* The look of horror melding into fascination is too tempting for me. Bad Kelly. No biscuit. *grin*

Jenni, anything German manufactured over the years has always been consistently well-made with few issues. You haven't seen the joy of the door lift mechanisms that are out there. These are geek toys for the construction industry.


For me? Don't care.

For family? Must have self-closing soft close!!!!

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